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Fuelbox is a pre filled, 20 litre,
‘bag in a box’ type fuelling system
and is a fantastic way to be able to
refuel your tank or machinery.

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Here at Solent Fuels, we are pleased to stock Red Diesel and Kerosene FuelBox’s.

Fuelbox is a pre-filled, 20 liter, ‘bag in a box’ type fuelling system and is a fantastic way to be able to refuel your tank or machinery without having to worry about meeting our minimum 500 Ltr truck delivery. Each box has a carry handle on each side and along the bottom and comes complete with a Flexi pouring spout making it easy to use with very little risk of spillage or contamination.Fuelbox has a shelf life of 2 years, is weatherproof, stackable, and fully recyclable. Whether you are topping up your lawnmower with Red Diesel ready for the Summer ahead, moving house, and wish to leave a small amount of oil for the next occupiers, or filling up a small generator, we can deliver you a Fuelbox or two today.

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